Google is making its own custom chips for future Chromebooks –


(Cybertech) – Google is researching and developing plans to produce their own custom in-house chipsets for future Chromebooks and any other devices the juggernaut of Alphabet sees itself releasing in the coming years. 

The news comes from a report by Nikkei Asia, who claim that sources within Google confirm the company is testing plans to exclusively rely on their own custom central processing units, galvanised by the recent success seen by Apple and their switch over to custom Apple-silicon from Intel.  

In all honesty, the report isn’t all too much of a shock – as Google has already acknoledged the existence of the company’s very first custom mobile chip, the Tensor, scheduled to be released in the upcoming Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro coming later this year. 

We expect the Pixel 6 line to launch sometime in the month of October. For a full recap of everything we know about those devices, click here. 

In regards to the news by Nikkei Asia, Google is apparently planning to make the move from only developing mobile processing units to full-fledged CPUs for their Chromebook devices. 

Of course, these chips should be a lot beefier than the ones seen inside a Pixel, but ever since Apple began pushing ARM into the mainstream of desktop hardware, it looks as if the line between mobile processors and laptop and desktop chips has become so blurry, we aren’t quite sure if there’s going to be a need to make a distinction between the two as the years go by. 

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