Google Pixel 6 renders show radical change in design


(Cybertech) – A significant render leak has been published showing what the Pixel 6 lineup of phones from Google could look like. And it’s safe to say, these look nothing like any of the models Google has launched previously. 

3D renders show a device with polished, rounded metal edges and a somewhat 70s inspired colour scheme. The big talking point, however, is likely the camera hump. 

Unlike most other manufacturers and – indeed – unlike the last Pixels, this has a significant protrustion that spans the entire width of the phone, making it a more deliberate part of the rear design. 

That means, rather than having a couple of cameras bunched into a square, the cameras are arranged in a line. Specifically, it appears as though the smaller Pixel 6 has two cameras, while the larger so-called ‘Pixel 6 Pro’ has a triple system. 

The screen on the front appears to have super skinny bezels which, again, marks a significant departure from previous Pixel models. It’s also ever so slightly curved at the edges. 

From the front, it looks very much like Samsung’s recent phones and even features an in-display fingerprint sensor, rather than the physical Pixel Imprint sensor that’s usually placed on the back. 

The phone was leaked on Jon Prosser’s YouTube channel – Front Page Tech – and created in collaboration with @RendersbyIan.  According to Prosser, the renders have been created based on actual photographs of the real product, not from schematics. 

Even the colours are supposedly accurate. So, that means there’s a white and orange model, a sort of pale orange Pro model as well as a champagne/gold model. Prosser did mention there could be other colours, but these are the only ones he saw. 

That means, if the source is legitimate and the devices are final, this is as close to the real thing as we’re going to get up until the phone range launches. 

We don’t know exactly when that will be, but major Pixel range launches usually take place later in the year once we approach the holiday season. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.


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