Google Pixel Stand leak suggests that Pixel 6 will support 23W


(Cybertech) – A leak from a US retailer has seemingly confirmed the upcoming Google Pixel 6 will support 23W wireless charging.

First picked up by Android Police, an image taken of the retailer’s inventory log makes reference to a “Google Pixel 23W WL Stand”.

Naturally, this suggests that Google is preparing a new Pixel Stand for launch, and, in turn, that the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will support the wireless charging levels.

If so, it would represent a marked upgrade on previous Pixel Stand charging speeds, and also a jump from rival options from Apple and Samsung. Those using an iPhone 12 with Apple’s MagSafe can leverage a wireless charging output of 15W, while the new Samsung Z Series both only support 10W.

Android PoliceGoogle Pixel Stand leak suggests that Pixel 6 will come with 23W wireless charging photo 2

So, after releasing the first details regarding its new flagship smartphones in August, the Pixel 6 devices appear to be an even more promising proposition than we initially realised. 

We already know the rough design of the phones, with the official images shared last month confirming a dual-camera setup on the Pixel 6, with a triple-array saved for the Pixel 6 Pro. As well as this, the new devices will also feature the all-new Google Tensor chip, which is something the company notes will help both achieve “more layers of security than any other phone”.

If the 23W wireless charging does turn out to be accurate, it gives those on the fence about Google’s devices a very big reason to consider them. Until we see the full reveal from Google, though – with a 19 October Pixel 6 release date currently rumoured – we’ll have to take these leaks with a dash of salt.

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