Google TV is a new entertainment experience, not a replacement


(Cybertech) – Google has announced Google TV, which it is calling a new entertainment experience. The new service makes its debut on the Chromecast with Google TV, which is the first time we’re getting a look at Google’s new take on TV.

Android TV launched in 2014 and is used by some big players in the TV market, such as Sony and Philips and it was originally all about getting access to apps. There are over 6500 apps that run on Android TV, but in reality, TV experiences aren’t about apps, they’re pretty much all about those core streaming services.

Google says that Android TV remains as a platform, but Google TV will be the user interface and it’s all about content discovery. Rather than just serving you up a row of your favourite streaming services, it will offer and customise the visuals to suggest content from across those services.

It’s going to help you resume watching content you’ve watched previously, it’s going to suggest content based on what you’ve viewed before and you’ll be able to do things like bookmark things to watch later. You’ll even be able to bookmark things on your phone for your Google TV.

The user interface is divided into tabs across the top, with a For You tab offering suggested content, live, movies, shows and apps providing the top level for navigation. You’ll also be able to search, with full support for Google Assistant for searching too.

Because there’s Google Assistant support (via the remote on the Chromecast with Google TV) you’ll also be able to access smart home functions.

Google TV also isn’t going to be limited to Google’s new devices – the company has said that it’s going to be rolling-out to Android TV devices in 2021, that it will be on all Android TVs and that Google will be telling us more in 2021.

The first available example, however, will be Google’s new Chromecast, where the Google TV interface neatly solves that problem of how you control your Chromecast. The new device is available to pre-order now and will cost £59.99.

Writing by Chris Hall.


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