Hammerhead Karoo 2 update adds Climber feature to help you beat


(Cybertech) – Hammerhead has pushed out the Climber update to the Karoo 2, adding a sought after feature to this bike computer’s skills.

When Hammerhead launched the Karoo 2, it was clear that the software was going to keep evolving. That’s seem minor changes, like tweaks to the user interface or additional data screen options, but adding Climber closes the gap with Garmin and its ClimbPro.

Following the update (which you should be notified about), you’ll have a drawer popup when you approach a climb on your route – like the existing Strava Segments drawer.

This will break the climb down into 100 metre/yard segments, colour coded and graded so you can see what’s coming up, so you can manage your gearing and breathing to maintain comfortable progress.

The distance to the top of the climb and remaining elevation are shown, so you can decide whether you can push for the top or really need to adjust your gears because you’re already blowing, while the graph will show you the full profile of the climb, including your position.

You’ll be able to pull the drawer up for a full-screen view, with bigger details including VAM (average vertical ascent in metres) so you can just concentrate on the climb.

You can find the options for Climber in the settings menu, where you’ll be able to specify when it will appear, on all climbs, medium or severe, based on your preference. Essentially, it looks like it will behave the same way that ClimbPro does on the Garmin Edge.

The Hammerhead Karoo 2 is an Android-based bike computer, offering an expanding range of features via updates that arrive every couple of weeks.


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