Here are the sharpest and most detailed Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G renders yet


Here are the sharpest and most detailed Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G renders yet

With the identity of Samsung’s August Unpacked event protagonist revealed a long time ago and the Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G specifications gradually (and thoroughly) leaked in recent weeks, all that was left to come out in advance of the handset’s formal announcement has surfaced today.

Front and back, folded and unfolded

Obviously, this is far from the first time that the glorious Z Fold 3 design is showcased ahead of its August 11 debut. What’s different this time around is that basically no detail is hidden or obscured in any way… save, of course, for the under-display camera that’s supposed to stay (largely) out of sight.

As you probably already know, the fast-approaching Snapdragon 888 powerhouse looks more or less similar to its Snapdragon 865 predecessor on the outside, both as far as the inward screen and the outward panel are concerned.

The primary triple rear-facing camera module does look a little different, shrinking in width and extending in height while housing its single LED flash below the three imaging sensors rather than to their right.

For the most part, the upgrades and improvements of the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G will be invisible to the naked eye, holding little to no secrets after a recent avalanche of trustworthy reports and rock-solid rumors.

The perfect quality/price ratio?

The simple fact that we’re asking that question so close to the Z Fold 3’s commercial release is a clear sign that Samsung has learned from its biggest 2020 mistake, purportedly aiming to fix the Z Fold 2’s most glaring flaw by charging as “little” as $1,600 stateside for its undoubtedly more refined, durable, and powerful successor.
That’s still a whole lot more than the starting prices of the best phones (with conventional designs) out there, nonetheless beating the Z Fold 2’s original MSRP by a whopping 400 bucks. Granted, nothing’s etched in stone just yet, but if all the credible reports of the last few weeks prove accurate, that’s going to be enough to buy you a state-of-the-art combination of 12GB RAM and 256GB storage space.
More impressively, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G is widely expected to rock a new generation of Samsung’s proprietary UTG (Ultra-Thin Glass) technology capable of withstanding more abuse than ever, not to mention that both the 7.6 and 6.2-inch (or so) screens should support 120Hz refresh rate capabilities this time around.
Although the primary foldable display may look unchanged at first glance, Samsung will almost certainly pull off both an under-panel camera and S Pen (Pro) support, which arguably beats a meaningless resolution upgrade in terms of industry importance and, well, consumer wow factor. Of course, no stylus (be it a “standard” or Pro variant) will be included in the phone’s base price, and if the S21 family is any indication, the same probably goes for chargers and earbuds.

Check out these Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 preorder bonuses

On the bright side, you can get a bunch of sweet preorder bonuses at the link above if you hurry, including a mysterious “special offer towards Galaxy products” (did someone say free Galaxy Buds 2?).
Equipped with a grand total of five cameras, the Z Fold 3 5G is unlikely to match the photographic skills of the S21 Ultra, for instance, while also settling for 25W charging speeds and a so-so (by 2021 flagship standards) 4,400mAh battery. At the end of the day, however, this bad boy’s bang for buck could prove outright irresistible… if you can live with a couple of inherent foldable flaws unlikely to be completely ironed out anytime soon.


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