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(Cybertech) – Sony’s camera team has announced that it’ll be launching a brand new camera on 15 September. And rumours suggest this one could be a big deal.

Over the past twelve months, it’s been on something of a roll, bringing some really capable video capture tools to the market in small, portable but well-made devices. 

Those who want something really compact get the ZV-1 which manages to pack some incredible tech into a tiny body, then there’s the powerful A6000 series joined last year by the A6600, and the latest full-frame A7S III.

Rumours have it though that the next announcement is going to be something entirely new that takes the best of the full-frame and packs it into a small body. 

What time is the launch and how can I watch? 

Sony has announced that the live stream for this launch event is going to take place on 15 September, in Japan. That makes timezone difference a little awkward if you’re in central Europe and means staying up late to watch it in the early hours of the morning (or getting up super early). 

A snapshot of various timezones is listed below, so you can get a feel for when the event will be. UTC is 1 am: 

  • Tokyo – 10:00 JST 
  • New Delhi – 06:30 IST
  • London – 02:00 BST 
  • Berlin – 03:00 CEST
  • 01:00 UTC 
  • New York – 21:00 EDT (14 September)
  • San Francisco – 18:00 PDT (14 September

You can watch the launch right here, we’ve embedded the live stream for you at the top of this page. Or if you want to join in the chatter on Sony’s YouTube channel you can watch it there. 

What’s being announced? 

Sony calls its upcoming product a “New Concept”. That means we’re expecting to see something a bit different, and the rumours so far are pointing towards it being a camera called the A7c. That means it’s joining the popular full-frame A7 series, but current speculation seems to suggest this is going to be a separate range, as an off-shoot of A7 products. 

What do we know so far about the Sony A7c? 

According to SonyAlphaRumours, the new camera will take a lot of the hardware and features from the awesome A7 line and cram them into a smaller body. Specifically, it’s claimed we’ll see the same 24-megapixel full-frame sensor from the Sony A7 III, but in a camera body that’s similar in size (or slightly bigger) than the Sony A6600. 

It’s also rumoured that just like the A6600, it’s going to have an electronic viewfinder in the corner and that it’ll be equipped with a proper articulating flip-out screen like the A7S III.

Like most of Sony’s recent premium video-focused cameras, it’s expected to feature IBIS (in-body stabilisation) and is going to be marketed towards vloggers/YouTubers who want a highly capable but compact camera. That means lots of the advanced autofocus and real-time tracking capabilities will likely be included too. 

The rumoured spec list includes a single SD card slot, mic-in and headphone ports, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Plus it’ll launch alongside a new range of lenses. 

How much will it cost? 

Sony’s premium cameras aren’t cheap, that’s a given. So it’s no surprise – given how the A6000 series and A7 series are priced – that current predictions for pricing are around the €2100 mark for Europe (that translates to around £1800 in the UK). 

Writing by Cam Bunton.


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