HMD Global sets the date for a new Nokia phone launch


(Cybertech) – HMD Global has issued a save the date for 8 April 2021, when we’re expecting the launch of new Nokia phones.

HMD Global holds the licence to Nokia devices and for the past few years has put out a number of phones. Normally using Mobile World Congress as a venue for such launches, the pandemic has disrupted the scheduled appearance of Nokia phones somewhat.

Very little information is given away on the save the date. There’s the hashtag #LoveTrustKeep and an image of a guy looking wistfully into the trees.

There’s not a lot we can ascertain from either of those things. The pine forest and outdoors scene plays to Nokia’s Scandinavian heritage, but we really don’t know what he’s looking at.

Perhaps he’s lost, so he glances to the daylight through the trees, hoping for a sign of which direction he – and thereby Nokia – will go. Maybe he’s heard the call of the MockingJay in some Hunger Games type scenario; perhaps he lost his 3310 20 years ago and he’s still looking for it.

Or, it could be that he knows something about the rumoured Nokia G10. It’s thought that Nokia might be preparing to launch a mid-range gaming phone.

Said to be based on unannounced Qualcomm hardware, it could be an evolution of the Nokia 8.3 5G, pushing the angle as a more affordable gaming phone.

Or he could be looking for a number of affordable 5G devices that have been rumoured from Nokia – perhaps even a new flagship phone to replace the Nokia 9 PureView.

Whatever he’s looking for, we’re sure that we’ll find out all the details on 8 April when HMD Global hosts the event to tell us the latest advancements from Nokia phones.

Of course, we’ll bring you all the details as soon as we have them.

Writing by Chris Hall.


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