How to turn off Night Mode on iPhone camera and keep it off


(Cybertech) – Apple introduced Night Mode when it launched the iPhone 11 series in 2019. The feature kicks in automatically when your compatible iPhone model senses low light conditions and adjusts things accordingly, with the aim to offer you better results.

It’s possible to turn Night Mode off for an individual shot, but prior to iOS 15, Night Mode would return to automatic when you then went to take a subsequent shot.

With iOS 15 – due to launch soon, Apple offers the ability to turn Night Mode off and for the settings to be preserved to make sure it stays off. Here’s how.

How to keep Night Mode settings on the iPhone

To turn Night Mode off for an individual photo, you just need to tap on the Night Mode icon at the top of your screen when in the Camera app and move the Night Mode slider under the viewfinder all the way to the left. It will then be disabled for that picture. 

Night Mode would then automatically reset to Auto the next time you open the camera app. Similarly, if you move the slider all the way to the right, Night Mode would be set to Max for that photo, after which it will return to Auto for the next low light photo.

If you want to turn Night Mode off and keep it off – or set it to Max and keep it there for future shots – so you don’t need to keep turning it off or use the slider for each photo, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone
  2. Scroll down to ‘Camera’
  3. Tap on ‘Preserve Settings’
  4. Toggle on Night Mode

The settings you previously switched Night Mode to will then be remembered for subsequent low light images you go to take with your iPhone.

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Remember this setting is only available on iOS 15 – which is currently in beta phase – and you’ll need an iPhone that has Night Mode as a feature, which is the iPhone 11 or newer. To download the iOS 15 beta on your iPhone, you can read our separate feature.

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