HP’s deals make this the perfect time to get a new laptop


(Cybertech) – Buying a new computer can be a bit of a struggle, with the variety of options out there almost mind-boggling. However, there are some surefire ways to have a better time while you shop about. 

One of these is all about savings – if there’s a code to be found, get that discount! Take HP’s store, as a great example – right now, and all the way through to 21 November 2020, you can use the code DTDWSSMB15 to get an extra 15% off the price of any HP desktop computer or workstation. That’s a serious chunk of change, especially if you’re going for a more specced-up machine.

However, another tactic to make sure you get future-proof tech is to go for the latest and greatest. If you’re looking for a new laptop, that means that the newer the internal components, the better.

Again, HP’s in the vanguard, and it’s just launched a new line of laptops using Intel’s 11th-generation CPUs, the best going. We’ve got looks at three of the very best options you could pick from, below.


HP Pavilion x360 Laptop – 15t-dq200 touch

HP’s Pavilion line has got the new Intel Core i3 chip on board, and its 15t laptop is an absolute stalwart for working or leisure – it’s got everything you need in a laptop, not least in the form of blazing speed enabled by that new chip. You also get a quick 256GB SSD for all your storage needs and a brilliant display.

Best of all, as is increasingly common, a 360-degree hinge means that you can arrange the laptop however you like, while a great touch-screen interface lets you use it as a tablet or in whatever orientation suits you best. This is a real jack of all trades at a cost of just $749.99. 


HP Spectre x360 Laptop – 15t-eb100 touch

If you want to amp up the internal spec of your laptop, though, this Spectre model could be perfect. It’s pretty similar to the Pavilion in size but amps everything up to 11. You get an Intel Core i7 chip from the 11th generation range, making it blisteringly powerful, and the design matches that pedigree with a really classy look and feel. 

Another full-rotation hinge and touch screen means you don’t lose any functionality at all, but the display is boosted up to stunning 4K resolution, making it perfect for watching movies or TV. This Spectre starts from $1,399.99. 


HP Envy Laptop – 17t-cg100 touch optional

If you want an even bigger display than the two 15-inch ones we’ve showcased so far, though, this model from the Envy line could be perfect, boasting a huge 17-inch full-HD display that’s amazing for getting work done and multitasking, but also comes into its own for media viewing. 

It’s got an 11th Gen Intel Core i5 processor at its heart, meaning that the three laptops here showcase three of Intel’s best chips, and marries a 256GB SSD with a further terabyte of HDD storage, meaning you’ll have absolutely loads of space to store all your files, photos and more. It’s a real bargain, too, starting from $899.99.


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