HP’s superb flash deals mean you can grab some bargains


(Cybertech) – It’s a busy time for deals at the moment, with the fall season meaning you can get some seriously great discounts, and HP’s not one to stand on the sidelines – it’s running a great flash sale that gives you the chance to pick up some of its best laptops, desktops and other great hardware with big savings.

We’ve gathered a few of the best deals right here for you to check out, but there are dozens more on HP’s store, so be sure to check out the full range to see if there’s anything you want to jump on. Just don’t hesitate too much! These savings end soon!

Plus, until the end of October 16, buying any HP PC means you’ll get an additional 15% off any monitor you buy to go with it, so this is the perfect time to build that workstation you’ve been thinking about. 


HP 27-dp0188qe AiO PC

If you don’t want to take up space with a separate machine and monitor, though, and all-in-one PC could still be perfect for you, and this option from HP is super attractive. It’s a really well-designed PC that has a design that’s sure to catch the eye for all the right reasons, with that memorable wire-frame stand.

Luckily, the power’s there to match its looks, too, with a great chipset that’ll ensure the computer crunches through you works tasks and is also a great option for watching movies or TV at the end of a long day. $100 off its price is a great reason to pick it up now!

OMEN 30L Desktop GT13-0280z

PCs can do more than just that, though, and if you’re thinking about investing in a gaming PC you might be finding yourself overwhelmed a bit by the number of options for components and choices, let alone the substantial challenge of building it yourself. That’s where pre-built machines like this superb OMEN tower come in, to give you cutting-edge performance in a package you can rely on, without needing you to break out the screwdriver yourself. 

The OMEN 30L is one of HP’s newest gaming machines, with a seriously nice design that’s understated in all the right ways, and it’ll see you to amazing frame-rates and resolutions in the latest games. You can get a huge $200 saving on it during the flash sale, so don’t hang around. 

HP Sprocket 2nd Edition Photo Printer​

The sale doesn’t just feature more expensive, full-sized computers, though. There are also nice savings to be had on devices like this Sprocket printer, a super quick and easy way to print out photos from your mobile or computer, to make sure that those digital memories don’t get lost in your files.

Getting a real printed photo makes things more special, to our mind, and the Sprocket is an absolute favourite for how easy it is to use, and how quickly it produces prints of the highest quality. You just connect by Bluetooth to get started. 


HP 27er 27-inch Monitor

If you’ve already got a computer or laptop that’s serving you well for working at home or any other use, you might instead be thinking about picking up an external monitor to make things a bit easier to read and give you more real estate to work with on-screen. 

This is a 27-inch beauty that would work perfectly for just that purpose, helping you to work more efficiently and, importantly, with more comfort. That’s the sort of thing that can make a difference every day. You can save $30 on it right now, and get a real upgrade for your desk.


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