Huawei gets certification for a 100W phone charger


(Cybertech) – Huawei’s no stranger to keeping up with the competition, and it looks like it’s shortly going to join the 100W charging club (one that only has a few members at this stage).

It’s just got certification in China for a new 100W charger for its phones, or other devices, confirming that it is likely working on a device that can take advantage of that raw power.

After all, despite recently unveiling the P50 and P50 Pro, neither smartphone can manage 100W charging, which is no criticism. Honor stands out as having crossed that rubicon, with its own 50 Pro managing to tame the wattage.

One possible interpretation is that Huawei is keeping back a 50 Pro+ model of its latest phones, one that might pack in few even more bleeding edge features, including astronomical charging. We’ll have to wait to hear more from Huawei for official confirmation, or indeed anything official at all.

Given that 65W fast-charging has been Huwaei’s limit so far, this is a logical step, although also a fairly sizeable one. Still, there’s no harm in a powerful charger, provided it’s smart enough not to fry lower-powered devices.

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