Huawei P50 Pro design leak shows off a huge camera on the rear


(Cybertech) – The Huawei P50 Pro design has been leaked revealing a huge camera array on the rear of the phone.

There’s been a number of leaks about the anticipated Huawei P50 Pro, with Huawei expected to take the camera to the next level in an attempt to drum up interest in the phone.

This latest leak comes from a reliable source – Steve Hemmerstoffer or OnLeaks – and while the images don’t show all the details, it’s easy enough to make out that camera surround.

Such leaks are often based on measurements passed to case manufacturers which might explain why there’s a lack of surface detail on the images, but the big camera surround appears to house two huge openings for the lenses.

That would run slightly counter to current trends on smartphones. If there are indeed only two cameras, Huawei would have to choose what to prioritise and what to omit. Unless, of course, there’s two round apertures, one of which will contain multiple lenses.


On the front of the phone the display has virtually no bezel, curving towards the edges. The rear of the phone is a glass panel and the measurements are said to be 159 x 73 x 8.6mm – but that camera bump takes it out to 10.3mm.

The display is said to be 6.6-inches, but this time there’s only a single front camera in a centralised punch hole.

We’ve previously heard Huawei say that they have enough Kirin 9000 or 9000E hardware reserved to power these devices, but as expected, the Huawei P30 Pro is unlikely to come with any Google software.

A rumoured launch date of 17 April has been suggested, although that’s a Saturday and doesn’t seem like the most likely date for a launch event.

Writing by Chris Hall.


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