Hydrow’s £2,300 rowing machine is now available in the UK


(Cybertech) – Hydrow is launching in the UK. Already available in the US, Hydrow offers a rowing machine for a full-body, low-impact workout at home.

Much like Peloton, Hydrow has “sessions”, but they’re led by world-class athletes and Olympians. Classes are streamed live from waterways around the world, including in London, Miami, San Francisco, and more. Hydrow said sessions guide at-home rowers through their workouts, which it claims engage “86% of the body’s muscles, nearly double the amount engaged when cycling”.

It also offers a library of additional “On the Mat” strength training, yoga, and Pilates classes to complement rowing workouts.  

The rower itself features an electromagnetic computer-controlled drag mechanism auto-adjusts up to 240 times per second to mimic the sensation of rowing on the water, all while reportedly maintaining near silence. Hydrow also advertises something called Live Outdoor Reality, a supposedly immersive experience that “transports you to the water, replicating the unique and captivating sights and sounds of the river”.

Hydrow said you can row while experiencing flocks of geese in Boston, dolphins in Miami, and cargo tankers in San Francisco Bay – all from the comfort of home, thanks to its rower’s 22-inch touchscreen display and front-facing speakers. Users can also “switch from the feeling of a single scull, an eight-person boat, or a traditional rowing machine seamlessly for a truly authentic experience”.

If this interests you, Hydrow is priced at £2,295 with a £38 monthly subscription. You can buy it from Hydrow.co.uk starting 22 March 2021. 

Writing by Maggie Tillman.


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