Instagram adds “Audio” to its search options


Instagram adds “Audio” to its search options

Even though some people think that Instagram keeps getting worse under Facebook, the social network also keeps busy with updates and new features. The long-awaited desktop posting feature is on its way, and last month a new “Exclusive story” feature leaked online.

The latest addition to the feature pack is a new “Audio” tab in the Explore options. It’s quite self-explanatory, really. This new feature lets users search for specific songs in the app, and when you tap on a song you’ll get other Reels that use it.

The new feature is already rolling out and some users are posting screenshots to show it in action (@MattNavarra via @WFBrother).

Instagram is obviously trying to boost Reels and emulate TikTok and its Sounds tab feature. After all, Reels was launched a year ago as an answer to TikTok’s wild popularity, and since then Facebook keeps on trying to milk it, putting ads in Reels being the most obvious example.

Instagram is one of Facebook’s top performers when it comes to revenue but TikTok has recently surpassed 3 billion downloads globally and still occupies the top of the charts, so Instagram has some catching up to do.


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