iPadOS 14 will bring keyboard and trackpad support for games


(Cybertech) – Apple is enabling iPad games developers to include keyboard, mouse and trackpad support in future titles.

During its WWDC keynote, it revealed that iPadOS 14 will introduce support for additional gamepads, including Xbox One Elite 2 Wireless Controller and the accessible Xbox Adaptive Controller.

It has now been revealed that expansion will include keyboards, mice and trackpads.

An online WWDC session, called “Bring mouse and keyboard gaming to iPad”, explained how developers can add support and introduce new types of games to Apple’s tablets.

“Level up your iPad games and add in keyboard, mouse and trackpad controls. Discover how to use the Game Controller framework to augment your existing titles, bring over games from other platforms, or dream up entirely new interaction experiences,” read the session’s description.

“Learn how to integrate keyboard and ‘delta’ mouse coordinate events for player motion, and disable pointer system gestures like the Dock or Control Center to take full advantage of full screen gameplay.”

This could mean we’ll get mouse options on simulation games – we always find it works better. Or even more PC-like controls for first-person shooters.

Of course, not everyone will have a Magic Trackpad or Bluetooth mouse, so it’s unlikely we’ll get many (if any) games designed specifically around accessory controls. But it has great potential for the future. And also makes sense for a time when Apple Silicon Macs appear, along with native support for iOS and iPad OS apps. After all, you don’t have a touchscreen on a Mac.

Writing by Rik Henderson.


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