It’s goodbye to the iMac Pro


(Cybertech) – Apple has discontinued the iMac Pro. The desktop was essentially a stopgap as we waited for the latest generation Mac Pro and it’s become abundantly clear that the standard iMac has become more than powerful enough for most users. 

With the upcoming transition of the iMac to Apple Silicon chips and rumours of a new Mac mini Pro, Apple has clearly decided now is the time to finish the iMac Pro line which employed high-end Intel Xeon chips. All build-to-order options for the iMac Pro have been removed from Apple’s website, with only the base-level version (still a mere $/£5,000).


In our review of the 2020 iMac last August we noted that it was “more Pro than ever” and we experienced unbelievable lebels of power from the Intel Comet Lake processor inside our review machine, the epic 3.6Ghz 10-core Core i9-10900K. However, with the figures we’ve seen from the early Apple Silicon Macs, there’s no reason to think that next-gen Apple Silicon chips couldn’t reach those levels of performance. 

We are very much expecting Apple to debut a new iMac soon with an improved design, notably with thinner bezels, but perhaps a more angular rear design and maybe even different colours. As well as plenty of rumours, there have been some suggestions that the outgoing iMac is in short supply in the smaller 21.5-inch size. 

The potential of a new Mac mini Pro could also mean the Mac Pro-level of performance becomes more attainable, making the iMac Pro further superfluous. 

Writing by Dan Grabham.


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