JBL Flip 6 | Price, specs and release date


(Cybertech) – JBL has announced the latest iteration in its popular line of miniature Bluetooth speakers, the JBL Flip 6.

The new speaker retains the same pill-shaped design we’ve become accustomed to, but there’s been a considerable tweak to both the internals and exterior to make this an enticing offering.

Chiefly, the durability has been upped from the previous generation; whereas the Flip 5 was rated IPX7, making it waterproof in full submersion of a 1-metre of water for 30 minutes, the Flip 6 is IP67. This means it keeps the same ability to survive water, while now also blocking out dust.

The JBL logo is now much more prominent on the device’s side, too, with a large array of different finishes to choose between compared to the previous models. Flip 6 fans will be able to pick between Dusty Pink, Grey Stone, River Teal, Fiesta Red, Ocean Blue, Midnight Black, Steel White, Forest Green and Squad, seen below.

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So, that’s what we can see at first glance, but the Flip 6 will also come with some significant audio configuration tweaks.

Inside, there’s still the same racetrack-shaped woofer, though this is now joined by an individual tweeter and dual passive I radiators. In theory, this should bring some depth and power to the listening experience. And that’ll also be aided by the Bluetooth upgrade, with JBL boosting the standard from 4.2 to 5.1. 

Despite the raft of changes, the 12-hour battery life is the same as the previous generation, with features such as PartyBoost (allowing those with multiple JBL speakers to pair them up) retained, also.

We’ll be testing the Flip 6 out ahead of its release in November for £129.99 / $129.95 – stay tuned for our full review and our speaker buyer’s guides to see whether it winds up being one we recommend.

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