June Pixel feature drop: What’s new?


(Cybertech) – Google’s latest feature drop for Pixel owner features a few new fun and useful additions and continues the company’s tradition of dropping extra functions as time goes on. Some of which were spoken about at I/O recently. 

In announcement dubbed ‘Summertime fun’, Google has announced that the starry night photography camera capability is getting an additional function. 

When you set up your Pixel on a tripod, switch to Night mode and leave it to capture the starry night it will not only take a photo of the stars, but will use multiple clips to create a video of sorts. 

Google isn’t calling it a video, but more a motion photo, since it’s not recording video. The effect is the stars moving across the sky. It’s available on the Pixel 4 and newer Pixels from now. 

Since June is Pride month, Google is also joining in the celebration by adding three new colourful Pride-themed wallpapers into the stock Wallpapers app. These were designed exclusively for Pixel by Ashton Attz. There are also Pride-themed ringtones and notifications designed by LGBTQ+ creators. 

Further down the June feature drop announced were a couple of additional new features which – perhaps – aren’t as fun as the previous two, but will make more of a difference to the way you use your Pixel phone. 

Gboard, for instance, is getting smarter copy and paste abilities. As an example, if you copy a selection of text that includes a phone number, email or URL, you’ll see those snippets in the keyboard above the top row, ready for you to paste directly into the app you’re typing in. 

Another addition is Google Assistant getting smarter; you can now say “Hey Google, answer call” or “Hey Google, reject call” when your phone isn’t within easy reach to answer or reject a call. 

Then there’s the new privacy and safety additions. Google Photos now has the Locked Folder feature announced at Google I/O.

This will allow you to save sensitive or private photos in a locked folder that no one else has access to. They’re saved on the device, not shared, and you can even have your camera app save directly there. 

In addition to that Google is rolling out a couple of existing features in new territories. Pixel’s car crash detection function is now launching in Spain, Ireland and Singapore while the Call Screen feature is being rolled out in Japan.

To get all these new features, just check your Pixel for software updates and you should find them included in the download. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.


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