Leaked Apple Watch Series 7 3D renders confirm new look


(Cybertech) – Recently, we’ve brought you all the latest rumours regarding the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7, scheduled to be announced and released sometime later this year. However, we now have even more confirmation that the upcoming Apple Watch revision will feature an all new look and inherit the new flat edge design language Apple has been carefully carrying over throughout the entirety of its product lineup as of late. 

In the set of leaked CAD renders by 91Mobiles, the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7 shape can be seen in high quality with an all flat design, larger speaker grills, and the same classic Digital Crown Apple has so proudly popularized. 

The mechanism for the band attachment system appears to be exactly the same, and while a new “updated” set of Apple Watch bands are sure to launch alongside this, it’d come as a terrible surprise if Apple revealed the Series 7 to be incompatible with the previous bands available for the past six years. 

Much larger speaker grills for better phone call audio

The display size is expected to increase too, but only by a fraction of a milimeter or so. 

Other aspects about the Series 7 according to 91Mobile’s source, is that the next-generation model will offer ultra-wideband support for opening smart locks and connecting to the FindMy network, be slightly thicker (10.7mm v. 9mm), and feature a new display lamination technique which should allow Apple to bring the screen closer to the front glass than ever before. 

The more snug a display panel sits up against a devices’ front glass, the more vivid, punchy and “realistic” the text and imagery looks – one of the reasons why a non-mini LED 11″ iPad Pro display looks better than that of a 13″ MacBook Pros screen. 

For all the rumours, reports and more we’ve heard about the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7, click here for our overview and recap. 

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