Leaked image shows off smaller iPhone 13 notch


(Cybertech) – A leaked image claims to show off the notch size for the upcoming iPhone 13 – one that appears significantly smaller than on previous Apple flagship phones. 

As posted by Twitter user DuanRui – and seemingly sourced via Weibo – the images show off the reduced notch size in comparison to the iPhone 12.

The ‘film sample’, seen below, appears to show off a redesigned notch that trims the width of the top portion, though it’s possible that the height of the element will also be increased with the change. As is visible through the cutouts, the front camera components, sensors and other modules are all still present, but the speaker has been removed.  

This isn’t the first time a redesign of the top bar has been mooted, with a similar leak in March also suggesting the iPhone 13 could launch with a smaller notch. 

However, despite the persistent rumours suggesting the change could be coming, no practical reason for Apple to change the notch’s look has been suggested. That means this could purely be about cosmetics and moving the speaker to a new location, rather than improved components being squeezed in.

With more screen estate to play with, though, it’s possible Apple could reintroduce battery percentage to the home screen, rather than it staying hidden in the Control Centre, or perhaps the Bluetooth symbol.

Aside from potential notch changes, the next iPhone instalment seems likely to resemble the iPhone 12 quite strongly – and, as detailed in the previous notch leak, could feature the exact same 5.4-inch, 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch dimensions. 

Since we’re still quite a few months from any potential launch, this is one rumour simply to keep track of for now, rather than considering it etched into stone.

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And, as ever, we’ll be logging all the iPhone 13 rumours as the picture continues to become clearer.

Writing by Conor Allison.


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