Lenovo Legion Phone Pro/Duel 2: Release date, rumours and specs


Lenovo is planning an update to its dedicated gaming phone, the Legion Phone.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new phone.

What will it be called?

  • Legion Phone Duel 2 confirmed

As we’ve mentioned above, the previous version of this phone was announced with two names: the Legion Phone Pro was available in China and the US, the Legion Phone Duel was available in the UK and Europe.

The big difference was the RAM and storage options: the Pro was available in more variants than the Duel.

The new version, however, is confirmed to be called the Legion Phone Duel 2, based on the title of the livestream event. That might be because this is an English stream – Lenovo’s Chinese website has the phone listed as the Legion Phone 2 Pro.

Exactly what the phone will be called in the US, we don’t know.

Price and availability

  • 8 April launch event
  • Price to be confirmed

Lenovo will be hosting an online launch event for the Legion Phone 2 on 8 March. This has been confirmed, it’s widely advertised on Lenovo’s Chinese website and on Lenovo Legion’s social media.

You can find the full details about how to watch the launch right here.


  • Rear cooling fan
  • RGB Legion logo
  • Side pop-up camera

The rear of the Legion Phone 2 is going to get a lot of attention. Thanks to real world photos – as well as images on Lenovo’s own website – we know exactly how the phone will look, although we don’t have the exact measurements.

The centre of the rear of the phone will be raise, in contrast to the white colouring of the rest of the back of the phone.

That central panel will house the RGB Legion logo – as we saw on the previous generation of this phone – along with the rear cameras and a cooling fan.

The cooling fan also appears to have RGB elements to give that some illumination too – and it makes the Legion Phone Duel 2 pretty distinctive.

From the front, we can see that Lenovo has kept the bezels we saw on the previous version of this phone, meaning there’s somewhere to grip this device, ideal for gaming. This also appears to house the stereo speakers.

There’s a pop-up camera on the side too, meaning that the display is free notches or punch holes.


  • 144Hz refresh rate
  • 6.65in AMOLED likely

We don’t have the full details of the display, although we know it will have a refresh rate of 144Hz, just as it did before. In fact, you’ll be able to choose the refresh rate to suit the game you’re playing.

We’re expecting a 6.65-inch AMOLED panel with a Full HD+ resolution as we saw before. It was a great display and so we wouldn’t expect any changes.

It’s also a flat display and as we said above, it will have a forehead and chin to make it easier to grip and reduce phantom touches when gaming.

Core hardware

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G
  • 16GB RAM
  • 5500mAh battery
  • 130W dual charging

Thanks to a leaked benchmark as well as the listing on Lenovo’s Chinese website, we know that the Legion Phone 2 will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G. That means the latest performance and lightning-fast connectivity.

The leaked benchmark also revealed 16GB RAM, although as we said in the intro, we’d expect Lenovo to offer this phone at a number of RAM levels.

Previously there as everything from 8GB RAM upwards, leveraging RAM and storage to offer a range of different prices.

The 5500mAh battery is also confirmed by Lenovo’s website, but we’re expecting this to be split into two cells to support really fast charging. A rumour suggested that 130W wired charging would be offered, using the two USB-C ports on the phone.

We’d expect the high-power charger to be supplied to do this.


  • 44MP pop-up camera
  • 64MP main camera?
  • 16MP ultra-wide camera?

It’s confirmed that there will be a 44-megapixel front-facing camera, which is in the pop-up unit on the side.

It’s a really high resolution and we’re expecting it to support streaming and insertion into videos to make your capture more exciting.

There’s been nothing said about the cameras on the rear of the phone, but we’re not expecting a huge change from the arrangement that was previously seen, a 64-megapixel main camera and 16-megapixel ultra-wide camera.

Gaming features

  • 8 virtual buttons

The Legion Phone Duel 2 will be made by the gaming features that it offers. The previous version of the phone had a whole host of thing to boost the experience.

We’ve not heard a lot about what you’ll get on the new device, but the addition of the cooling fan on the rear suggests a completely new cooling system for starters and there’s references to this on the Chinese website.

Beyond that, we’re expecting a great capture system to let you livestream your gaming or capture it using that front camera it insert yourself in the corner, as you could before.

We’d also expect a highly customisable gaming mode to put you in control of your gaming. But all this is to be confirmed.

A timeline of the leaks so far

There’s a chronology of the leaks for the Legion Phone Duel 2 so far.

6 April 2021: Legion Phone 2 appears in real world photos showing off rear cooling fan

Photos of the new Legion Phone Duel appear, showing off the design of the new device.

24 March 2021: Lenovo Legion Phone 2 Pro will launch on 8 April

The launch date for the Legion Phone 2 has been confirmed on 8 April.

12 March 2021: Lenovo Legion 2 Pro gaming phone could offer 130W fast-charging support

Chinese certification body lists Legion Phone 2 Pro with 130W charging.

10 March 2021: Lenovo’s next Legion Phone surfaces in benchmarking results

A benchmarking result has revealed some key details for the Legion Phone 2.


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