Lenovo Yoga 5G laptop will cost a staggering £3K on contract


(Cybertech) – At CES 2020 back in January, when the world was a very different place, Lenovo announced the first 5G-capable laptop: the Yoga 5G.

Now we can reveal the laptop’s UK availability will be an EE network exclusive, with new customers being asked for £125 a month to own the shiny new bit of kit. That makes it a not insignificant £3,000 over the 24-month minimum contract. Existing EE customers can sign-up for £112.50 a month.

That’s a bold move from both Lenovo and EE. Much as we love shiny new tech and the prospect of the fastest available mobile connectivity speeds – with low latency and wide bandwidth being a major benefit of 5G – it is 2020, most of the UK population aren’t anywhere near a 5G network much of the time, or if they are, it would be at a not-presently-occupied place of work.

Not to mention, following the UK government banning Huawei kit in existing and future 5G infrastructure, there’s an inevitable knock-on effect for the future rollout of 5G – despite Nokia picking up the contract to fill Huawei’s boots moving forward.

Lenovo’s thought process? In the rapidly changing world of work and school environments, we need access to that faster data and wider bandwidth to ensure best possible quality in whatever we’re doing online – whether that’s team video calls, gaming, or remote working without irritating interruptions.

We like the positive sentiment, but for £3,000, while in the face of a national recession, we’re unconvinced people will be biting at EE’s heels to get hold of a Yoga 5G.

Like any brand new tech, though, this is Lenovo showing off what’s possible in the here and now – and ahead of any other company. It’s bold posturing, but as 5G becomes ubiquitous and the price drops over time, at least we can look back and see that it was Lenovo at the forefront in its thinking.

Writing by Mike Lowe. Editing by Rik Henderson.


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