Lenovo’s next Legion Phone surfaces in benchmarking results


(Cybertech) – Lenovo launched the Legion Phone in 2020 and we know there is an update in the works – but now we also have some more details, thanks to a Geekbench result.

The Legion Phone is Lenovo’s dedicated gaming phone and that was a pretty good device the first time around. We noted in our Legion Phone Duel review that it struggled with buggy software and it did get a bit warm under the fingers – but it was a good phone for gaming.

There aren’t too many details to be gleaned from the Geekbench listing. There’s a model number L70081, but more importantly, mention of Snapdragon 888 and 16GB of RAM.

That’s totally expected from a new flagship phone with a focus on gaming and a logical step forward for the Legion Phone.

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It also mentions Android 11, which is very welcomed, but beyond that, there’s little else to be discovered.

We don’t know exactly what Lenovo will call the next device, having used the Legion Phone Pro and Legion Phone Duel on the previous edition. It could be a 2 Pro or a 2 Duel  – or just the Legion Phone 2.

But we do know that this phone is in the works, because it’s been teased on Weibo. Not much was said, apart from the logo on an ice cube, suggesting that cooling is going to be the target.

Lenovo rearranged the internals on the Legion Phone, splitting the battery and placing the SoC – system on chip – in the centre of the phone. This was done for a couple of reasons. Firstly, splitting the battery meant that it could offer 90W charging, while also meaning that the hardware that produces the most heat can sit right under clip-on cooling accessories.

Interestingly, exactly the same approach has just been taken by the new ROG Phone 5.

We can see why Lenovo might want to focus on cooling to address this – so it seems like it might be responding to feedback on the previous device.

There’s no telling when it might launch, but given that Asus has just launched the new ROG Phone, we’d expect Lenovo to follow along soon.

Writing by Chris Hall.


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