LG says they’ve developed an even better foldable glass


(Cybertech) – LG today announced a new folding glass technology intended to be both better and cheaper than the competition, but technically speaking, it’s not actually glass, instead rather it’s the same type of plastic used for soda bottles, known scientifically as polyethylene terephthalate, aka PET for short.  

In what makes for a slightly better marketing name, LG has decided to call this new technology ‘Real Folding Window’, saying they plan on mass manufacturing the component for consumer use sometime in 2023. Whether that’ll be used exclusively for LG devices or as an available part for other smartphone manufactures to order remains unknown, but it’s likely LG hopes other companies jump onboard as to make the most of their R&D efforts. 

As per specifics, LG doesn’t reveal any trade secrets, however, they do explain that the main idea around Real Folding Window tech is a thin piece of PET plastic covered on each side in a specialised coating that LG has developed which ultimately helps foldable displays have a less visible crease and maintain better long-term durability. “As hard as glass but folding areas that are as flexible as plastic”, claims LG.

Foldable devices have recently hit the mainstream, and Samsung’s latest line of Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Fold 3 smartphones have been lauded by critics as the first foldable smartphones that are actually worth purchasing over a traditional flagship model. 

Samsung even decided to skip this years’ Galaxy Note upgrade as to better focus on their Galaxy Z line, the company very openly revealed.   

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