LG Signature OLED R rollable TV finally on sale in UK


(Cybertech) – First unveiled back in January 2019, the LG Signature OLED R TV has been largely illusive since. The 65-inch rollable television, that has a screen that unfurls out of a dedicated cabinet, has only been available in LG’s homeland of South Korea. Until now, that is.

The manufacturer has announced that it is coming to the UK soon, with pre-orders starting this week. You’d better get saving though as it’ll cost just one pound shy of £100K.

To be fair, innovation rarely comes cheap and the Signature OLED R is about as innovative as they come.

The 65-inch 4K HDR display can roll up to hide entirely into the cabinet, or be set to peek out a touch for, what LG calls, “Line View”.

This enables owners to see important information, such as weather, the time and notifications without having to bring out the entire screen.

When it is in “Full View” mode, it works just like any normal LG OLED TV.

We saw it in action ourselves, during CES 2019 in Las Vegas and we’re suitably impressed. Perhaps not £99,999 worth of impressed, but it’s certainly a talking point.

Interested millionaires can pre-order the Signature OLED R now on the official site.

Writing by Rik Henderson.


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