LG Wing update greatly improves the device


The LG Wing and its swiveling dual-screen form factor has just received an update from Verizon (remember, in the U.S. the phone is a Big Red exclusive) that users of the device will love to see. The update, Software Version F100VM10d, comes with the November security patch which is nearly two months old.
With the update, you can now send an app from the smaller second screen to the larger main screen. Using quick settings from the second screen, tap on “Send.” To move an app from the larger main screen to the smaller display, tap on “Fetch” from the quick settings. Or you can use a three-finger swipe to move apps from screen-to-screen. After an app is moved from screen to screen, for five seconds you’ll see a button on the bottom right called “Restart app.” Press this button if the content from the moved app is not fully displayed. The button isn’t needed for LG apps which are optimized for the Wing.

The update also adds a QR code scanner to the camera. Turn the feature on in the settings and whenever you need to scan a QR code, hold the phone over the code and open the camera app. The update also adds a feature that allows LG Wing owners to change the 5G icon’s color in the status bar from gray to white, and brings with it an extra default wallpaper selection. Previously, app names were missing from the second Home Screen due to space limitations. But the update changes this. As Verizon noted, this will keep users from mixing up apps with similar looking icons. Widgets and folder names will also be seen on the second home screen as well.

Some LG Wing users have been complaining about the lack of media controls for certain apps running on the second screen. For example, until you install the update on the Wing, you cannot control Netflix if you are streaming video content from the app on the second screen.

Go to the Settings page on your Wing and check for a software update. Verizon says that you need to connect your phone to a strong Wi-Fi network or a strong Verizon network signal. And make sure that your battery is fully charged before beginning the updating process.


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