LG’s entry-level 2020 OLED BX TV now available


(Cybertech) – LG’s long anticipated entry-level OLED TV has now gone on sale. We say entry-level, but this is still a fully-fledged 4K HDR OLED TV from one of the best in the business.

LG has a range of TVs in its 2020 line up, from the BX at the entry position, through the CX, to the GX and WX. While the top models really differ in design (offering gallery and wallpaper styles), the BX sits close to the CX as the TVs aimed at the mass market.

What’s the difference? That comes down to some of the hardware that drives the TV, with the CX having the third-gen a9 picture processing engine while the BX is powered by the third-gen a7. It’s slightly lower down the range, but that’s about the only difference – except price.

In the UK, the 55-inch LG OLEX BX will retail at £1299.99 and it’s available from a range of retailers like Currys PC World and John Lewis.


LG’s B series OLED TVs often prove popular around sales events like Black Friday, although the asking price for 2020 is already good value for money, which might indicate that there’s not going to be huge discounts available later in the year.

LG’s TV offers some of the latest technologies, including Dolby Vision IQ that will react to the ambient light to make sure your TV’s brightness is perfect, it’s G-Sync compatible to offer a better experience to gamers and it also supports Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Writing by Chris Hall.


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