LG’s Xboom 360 speaker is a Sonos Move competitor


(Cybertech) – The market for sizeable, outdoor-ready speakers seems to be expanding, and LG wants in on that action. It’s just debuted a new speaker, the Xboom 360, which doesn’t look like much else on the market right now.

It’s pretty large, for one thing, but also has a lantern-like conical design that comes to a head with a carrying handle on the top, but also packs in a hollow section featuring a small light for ambience. That light has multiple modes that you can switch between to change up the mood.

The speaker itself is omni-directional and connects via Bluetooth, so this isn’t a full-on hybrid smart speaker that you can take outdoors, like the Sonos Move. LG says it’s managed to arrange the speaker’s tweeters and woofer in a reflector structure for minimal distortion, and it should be able to reach pretty frightening volumes if desired.

LGLG's Xboom 360 speaker is a Sonos Move competitor with some bells and whistles photo 1

As a portable speaker, it’s got a battery life of 10 hours on a charge, and can be picked up in a variety of colours thanks to its fabric covering, letting you choose from beige, burgundy, black and green.

What LG isn’t saying at this stage is how outdoor-proof the speaker actually is, although it’s very much positioning the Xboom 360 as capable of powering an outdoor event – whether those events will need to be held in fair weather might be something we find out in time.

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