Logitech debuts Zone True Wireless and Zone Wired Earbuds aimed


(Cybertech) – Logitech’s Zone range of wireless headsets are aimed at business users, but now the peripheral giant has debuted a pair of new earbuds aimed at homeworkers. 

The $299 Zone True Wireless and $99 Zone Wired Earbuds are intended for those who are finding themselves spending a long time on calls. Many of us want more comfortable headphones as we continue to spend longer on calls because of home and hybrid working.

Logitech says the new earbuds are intended to fill this gap between earphones with sub-optimal audio performance and older style headsets that are both ugly and unwieldy. 

Although Logitech doesn’t give stats on the Zone True Wireless battery life, it does say they have “double the battery life of leading consumer devices” so expect somewhere in the region of 6-8 hours of battery life.

The company adds thatthe new buds are intended to be certified by Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams. You can connect the wired version using an included dongle (USB-C, USB-A or via a 3.5mm jack).

Zone True Wireless have a USB receiver but they also support Bluetooth (as you’d expect) so can be used with mobile devices, too. 

The earbuds will be available later in 2021. 

Writing by Dan Grabham. Originally published on .


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