macOS Big Sur is now available to download free for your Mac


(Cybertech) – The full release version of macOS Big Sur is now available to download from Apple for free, for all compatible Macs. Just go to System Preferences > Software Update in the Apple menu on your Mac. If you want to check if it’ll run on your system, check out this piece: 

Rather than being the 16th revision of Mac OS X as it used to be known, Apple has designated the new software as version 11.0. The release follows a second release candidate that appeared on beta testers’ Macs – including for us here at Cybertech. We’ve been using it for a while and we think it’s great – with a fresh, modern look. 

The design is more in line with iPad OS and iOS, but there are numerous other new features and tweaks. The new OS also enables people with new Apple M1-based Macs – the new MacBook AirMacBook Pro, and Mac mini – to run iOS and iPadOS apps. 

Apple’s macOS releases used to be called after big cats – like Leopard and Panther – but for the last few years they’ve been named after places in California – hence Big Sur, following on from Catalina. 

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Writing by Dan Grabham.


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