Marshall’s new Major 4 headphones add wireless charging


(Cybertech) – Marshall’s Major 3 Bluetooth headphones are some of the very best on-ear wireless headphones we’ve tested in recent years – you need only dip into our review from a couple of years back to remind yourself why. 

Anything over a year or two is a long time in tech, though, so Marshall’s back with an update to the tried-and-tested cans, somehow smashing the bar set by the previous version’s superb battery performance and presumably repeating its great sound, too. 

The Major 4 will apparently manage fully 80 hours of wireless use before you need to charge it, which anyone with wireless headphones will know is a seriously impressive figure, not least in a set of headphones as relatively diminutive as these. 

Marshall has also added in wireless charging, making for an even easier process when you do want to top up that battery, with 15 minutes of charging apparently gaining you 15 hours of listening, which are impressive numbers, with the option of a 3.5mm connection if you’re in dire straits. Finally, the wired charging port has also seen a little upgrade, moving over to USB-C, which is always appreciated. 

The other changes are more subtle, including softer ear cushions that will apparently make for listening sessions that are that bit more comfortable, and an overall design that’s more ergonomic in small ways, and again features that little brass knob that’s made for such easy control on part Marshall headphones. 

The Marshall Major 4 can be pre-ordered from Marshall as of now for $149, £129 or €149, and actually release on 14 October this year. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.


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