Mobvoi expands its TicWatch lineup with the £222 Pro S


(Cybertech) – Mobvoi has introduced a new TicWatch smartwatch. Called the TicWatch Pro S, it features a Dual Display, which adds an always-on LCD over an AMOLED screen, new health apps, and a price tag that’s $40 less than the TicWatch Pro 3 that released last year.

The TicWatch Pro S has an aging Snapdragon 2100, which has been around for at least five years and is probably the reason why Mobvoi’s latest watch is cheaper than the TicWatch Pro 3. (That has the new Snapdragon 4100 processor). The TicWatch Pro S is also thicker than the Pro 3 (12.6mm vs 12.2mm), but it is 2mm narrower (12.6mm vs 12.2mm). It has a smaller battery, too.

Instead of having the TicWatch Pro 3’s 577mAh battery, the TicWatch Pro S has a 415mAh battery. While the older processing power may be noticeable while running WearOS, you likely won’t notice any battery efficiency issues, despite the smaller battery. It’s too small of a difference, honestly. Plus, the TicWatch Pro S’s always-on display option is supposed to help squeeze out a longer battery life. 

As for new apps, these are Tic apps, such as TicBreathe, which is for monitoring heart rate and recommending breathing exercises when it detects stress along, as well as TicHearing, which monitors ambient volume and notifies you if it’s too loud outside. The TicWatch Pro S also offers Mobvoi’s upgraded TicExercise 3.0 fitness tracking, Vo2 Max tracking, and TicSleep 2.0 sleep tracking.

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The TicWatch Pro S is available with 8GB of storage and can be purchased starting from 9 March 2021 in the US, UK, and Europe. It costs $259.99 in the US and £222 in the UK. In the US, you can grab it from Mobvoi’s site and Amazon.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.


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