Moto Edge 20 drops curved screen, arrives in three options


(Cybertech) – The Moto Edge is back for its second generation – but minus a curved edge screen this time around – and available in three flavours: the Edge 20, higher-end Edge 20 Pro, and lower-spec Edge 20 Lite.

The three piece family maintains a familiar design across each of the handsets, with specific hardware features helping to separate one handset from the other. 

All Edge 20 models feature a 6.7-inch screen, for example, except in the Edge 20 and Pro models it’s POLED (plastic OLED), compared to the glass OLED in the Lite. The Lite is also a 90Hz panel, compared to the 144Hz maximum from the two higher-level devices.

We like the consistency of the look, although the thickness of devices is very different: the Edge 20 is the slimmest of the bunch, at sub 7mm, which means it has the smallest battery capacity of the lot (4,000mAh); the Lite is thicker, at 8.3mm, but bumps battery capacity by 25 per cent (to 5,000mAh); the Pro, meanwhile, sits in the middle of that scale (4,500mAh).

The real dividing factor between the three phones, however, is their camera arrangement. Yes, all offer triple cameras, all feature a 108-megapixel main lens and wide-angle (16MP in the Edge 20 and Pro, lower resolution in the Lite), but the differentiator is in the optical zoom. The Edge 20 Pro has a 5x optical zoom periscope camera; the Edge 20 has a 3x optical zoom; while the Edge 20 Lite drops the zoom for a depth sensor.

Expect the three handsets to go on sale towards the end of August in much of the world (North America excluded), otherwise early September. The Moto Edge 20 Lite will retail for €349; the Moto Edge 20 will retail for €499; and the Moto Edge 20 Pro for €699 – ensuring that Motorola has kept it more competitive than the previous original Edge+ model.

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