Moto G10 Power launching 9 March with even bigger battery


(Cybertech) – When Motorola announced it was religning the G series with a more logical naming convention – i.e. smaller number means it’s lower down in the range – it didn’t rule out the possibility of variants.

Indeed, after only launching two handsets thus far – the Moto G10 and G30 – there’s already a Moto G10 Power imminently due, with Motorola India’s Twitter feed showing off a teaser video for its 9 March arrival.

The ‘Power’ variant doesn’t mean there’s more core power, though, it’s been used for a number of iterations to represent a greater battery capacity. The G10 Power will feature a massive 6,000mAh battery – a 20 per cent bump over the standard G10 model.

Elsewhere the G10 Power handset is otherwise the same as the standard G10, complete with 6.5-inch screen, quad rear cameras, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 460 processor.

If you want a little extra – more powerful hardware, a 90Hz screen – then you’ll want to step up to the Moto G30 instead. Although there’s no Power variant of that handset available… yet.

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This G10 variant doesn’t fundamentally fix the G series’ naming issues in our view, as you can be sure other variants will rear their heads in the future. But at least it’s not as convoluted as the recent Redmi Note 10 launch from Xiaomi.

Writing by Mike Lowe.


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