Motorola aiming to bring over-the-air charging to its phones


(Cybertech) – We’re arguably at peak wireless charging right now – it’s increasingly unheard of for a phone that wants to sell in serious numbers to debut without the ability to charge using a Qi or other pad. 

However, as is so often the case with mobile technology, we can also already see the future galloping towards us. In this case, it’s over-the-air charging, which ditches the need for a pad entirely. 

Motorola has become the latest phonemaker to jump aboard this bandwagon, announcing a partnership with GuRu Wireless as part of an effort to bring the new charging frontier to its phones. 

Guru’s technology, according to the announcement release, can power devices up at a range measured in metres rather than inches, which sounds mighty impressive.

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However, it’s also clear that it’ll take a good while for it to be safety tested and developed into a form-factor and price bracket that’s ready for consumers to actually use. This isn’t the sort of announcement that means Motorola’s next flagship will be packing the tech, basically. 

This isn’t the first we’ve heard of this sort of tech, of course. Earlier this year, for example, Xiaomi showed off a large white cube that managed the same feat, in a small radius, called Air Charge. While that unit is chunky and limited, it’s exciting to imagine what these manufacturers will be putting out in a few years time with more development behind them.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.


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