New features, specs, and images for the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro leak


Today, a Reddit member with the handle “u/gamer0mega” disseminated several screenshots and photos pertaining to the wearable accessory. It will feature passive noise isolation that will help it deliver enhanced active noise cancellation (ANC). Speaking of ANC (no, not AOC!) there are two levels available, one for high and the other for low. Four levels of Ambient sound mode will allow various levels of outside noise in. And voice detection will turn down the volume when it detects, well, voices having a conversation. Certain Samsung handsets running Android 11-based One UI 3.0 will offer 3D spatial audio with head tracking that places sounds all around the user including above him, to the side of him, and below him. As Sammy says, “Hear vivid, immersive sound coming from all directions so you feel like you’re right in the scene when you watch videos.”

Images from the Samsung Wearable App includes an update that reveals features for the Galaxy Buds Pro including a “Find my Earbuds” feature and a way to balance sound between the left and right bud which will help those with hearing issues. With a 500mAh battery in its charging case, battery life should be longer with the Galaxy Buds Pro compared to last year’s Galaxy Buds Live. The latter carried a 475mAh battery in its case. The app also features an equalizer with several presets.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro will be in available in three different colors and could be priced close to $200.


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