New Fossil Gen 6 watch teased, might come with Samsung’s Wear O


(Cybertech) – If you’re after a more traditional-looking smartwatch, there are few options that come close to Fossil. Its Gen 5 Smartwatch was impressive and brought it up to a level of watches we’d recommend. Now though, Fossil is teasing its latest Gen 6 iteration, and saying that it’s not only its own greatest, but possibly the most advanced smartwatch around.

In the teaser text, Fossil mentions the use of Snapdragon processors, eluding to their continued use, hopefully jumping on the 4100 processor bandwagon, putting it up there with some of the market leaders. But looking at its big banner of ‘Way More, Way Faster’, you might suspect that it’s looking at other options for processors that could take its performance up a further notch. Perhaps it might use Samsung’s new Exynos wearable processor that was revealed recently for its upcoming Galaxy Watch 4 (which is due for announcement on 11 August).

Fossile does state it will use Wear OS by Google, which is no surprise. And as Samsung is looking to add a custom UI to its newest offering (also on Wear OS), maybe we’ll see the same on Fossil’s newest too. After all, Fossil is saying the Gen 6 is going to be the most advanced smartwatch around, and Samsung is certainly looking to keep that top step with the Galaxy Watch 4. Either Fossil is bolstering itself up a bit too much, or it has something up its sleeve that might surprise us all.

Writing by Claudio Rebuzzi. Originally published on .


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