New Safari, Universal Control, Shortc


(Cybertech) – Alongside its other software updates, Apple has introduced the latest version of macOS, known as macOS Monterey. This is version 12, so it’s macOS 12 after last year’s move to macOS 11 with Big Sur. 

Safari has been given an overhaul with a cleaner design and tab groups while Siri Shortcuts also come to the Mac, too. Safari extensions from the Mac can also be used on the iOS/iPadOS versions of Safari, too. The new FaceTime enhancements plus SharePlay features are also coming to the Mac. 

The most interesting feature though is the ability to AirPlay to your Mac from your iPhone or iPad – long-awaited – as well as Universal Control, part of Apple’s Continuity software that enables all Apple devices to work together. 

Firstly Universal Control enables you to use a Mac keyboard with an iPad, simply by bringing the iPad close to the Mac. You can also move your mouse cursor between the devices.

But most interestingly, you can drag a file from the iPad to the Mac and even to a second Mac providing it’s all connected to your iCloud account. We presume this feature requires you to have one of the new M1 Macs, but we’re awaiting confirmation of that. 

Finally, you can also have your Memoji on login, as well as have a separate folder in Launchpad for games, so they don’t get jumbled up with your productivity stuff. 

Writing by Dan Grabham.


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