Newegg Black Friday deals: the best deals right now and what to expect


You may have noticed that there’s a certain holiday approaching and with it a certain shopping event. We know, the signs are very subtle, so we’ll give you a hint: it’s Black Friday! But while the day itself is about a month away, the deals are starting early this year. Pretty much every major retailer is turning the whole month of November into a discount-rich shopping event. 

Newegg is not exception. The site is preparing to start with the Black Friday deals in just a couple of days. One of the biggest worries people have with buying tech before Black Friday is that the product they’ve bought could be even cheaper on the day itself and they’ll miss out on saving even more money. Well, you won’t have that problem if you’re shopping at Newegg. 

The company is introducing its first-ever Black Friday Price Protection. What that means is that if you purchase something discounted on Newegg before November 22, and its price drop even lower after that until the end of November, Newegg will automatically refund you the price difference. No need for you to check or request the refund yourself. 

So, if you see a deal that strikes you as good, you can go for it without the fear of remorse later. Speaking of deals, 

Best Newegg Black Friday deals right now

Save $500 on LG 65″ 4K UHD Smart OLED TV

OLED TVs are still considered luxury due to their higher price tag compared to LED TVs, but with half a grand shaved off the price of this 65-inch LG TV, you might be tempted to pull the trigger on one and understandably so. The reduced price is $1,796.99, which is still quite an investment, but OLEDs provide a much more vivid picture and unparalleled contrast, taking your movie-watching experience to the next level. 

Save $300 on Samsung 65″ 4K UHD Smart QLED TV

Another TV with decent savings on it is this 65-inch QLED TV from Samsung. It offers enhanced color reproduction compared to regular LED TVs while remaining cheaper than the OLED models. Still, at almost $1,500 it’s not exactly cheap, but if you’re looking for a quality TV, it’s a good choice.

Save $280 on Polk Audio TL1600 5.1 Compact Surround Sound System

No matter how good your TV is, watching an epic movie won’t be a fulfilling experience if the sound is lackluster. And although built-in TV speakers have improved over the years, nothing can compare to a dedicated surround sound system. Reduced by more than 60%, the Polk Audio TL1600 sound system is now just $179. For that price, you get a center speaker, four satellite speakers and a subwoofer, basically everything you need for your home theater experience.

Save $130 on Sennheiser Momentum Free Bluetooth Wireless In-Ear Headphones

Headphones like the Sennheiser Momentum aren’t as elegant as the true wireless earbuds but some people find the tether useful. This premium pair of wireless earbuds is down to just $69.95. This is pretty much a budget-level price, thanks to the awesome 65% discount that Newegg offers right now. It’s a deal that’s almost too good to pass, even if you don’t need a pair right now, there’s probably a friend or family member that would love to get these for Christmas. Definitely worth considering.

Save 69% on Sennheiser HD 2.30G On-Ear Headphones

If you’re still rocking a smartphone with a headphone jack and don’t want to deal with battery-powered headphones, this Sennheiser pair will suit you just fine. Down to just $28 right now, the Sennheiser HD 2.30G will vastly improve your audio experience on the cheap.

Save $200 on MSI 15.6-inch Intel Core i5 Laptop

MSI products are usually known for their gamer aesthetic but this laptop has a very clean and subtle design. It’s hardware isn’t gamer-grade either, but will fit the average user’s laptop needs just fine. At $599, it’s a perfect machine for virtual college/school lessons or work from home. The slim body makes it very convenient to bring along with you and the 9-hour battery life means you can leave the charger at home.

Save $300 Gigabyte Aorus 15P – 15.6″ 144 Hz Intel Core i7 Laptop

If you’re looking for something significantly more powerful, this Gigabyte laptop might be of interest to you. Brought down to $1,399, this laptop sports a high-refresh-rate display, powerful Intel Core i7 10750H processor and Nvidia 2070 Max-Q graphics card, the trifecta of gaming performance. 

Save 40% on Samsung 860 EVO Series 2.5″ 500GB SATA SSD

Remember when SSDs were expensive? It wasn’t that long ago. Now, you can get this 500GB SSD for just $54. Sure, it’s not as fast as the NVME drives, but if you have an older system, switching its main hard drive for this SSD will do wonders for its performance. Even as a secondary drive, an extra 500GB of SSD storage is never a bad thing.

Save $100 on Samsung 970 EVO PLUS M.2 2TB SSD

If the SSD above isn’t fast or with large enough capacity for you, then this one will surely do the trick. If your motherboard supports NVME drives, this 2TB Samsung 970 EVO will solve all your storage issues for a while. Plus, your system will look cleaner with one fewer components to wire inside. Sure, at $250, it’s not exactly cheap, but for what you’re getting, it’s actually a bargain.

Save $60 on Westinghouse 32″ WQHD 144Hz FreeSync Monitor

Gaming monitors can be expensive, but if you’re looking to get one and are willing to skip the brand name, you can save money without sacrificing much. This one checks a lot of boxes. High refresh rate, FreeSync, Quad-HD resolution, adjustable stand. There’s not much more you can expect for the price, which is down to just $239.99 right now.

Save $60 on Acer Nitro Gaming Series 24″ 75Hz FreeSync Monitor

If you’re looking for a more budget monitor option, Newegg has slashed $60 off of this Acer monitor. It’s 1080p but for a 24-inch display that’s not a big issue. You get slightly higher than usual refresh rate and a 1ms response time, which for the low price of $119 is still pretty good, considering it comes with FreeSync support as well.

Save $100 on Fractal Design Define S2 Vision Computer Case

Fractal Design is one of the big names in computer cases. Their enclosures are stylish and well-designed with all sorts of conveniences for enthusiast PC builders. This case comes with tempered-glass panels and four RGB fans for both better cooling and aesthetics. Usually on the pricey side, now this case is down to $140, which isn’t exactly cheap, but considering this case can last you through multiple builds in the future, it’s a good investment. 

Save $350 on Skytech Archangel Gaming Desktop

If you’re looking for a full gaming system, Newegg can save you a few hundred dollars on a very capable machine. This PC comes with a Ryzen 3600, GeForce RTX 2060, 16 GB DDR4, 500 GB SSD and comes in a cool-looking case with RGB fans. Sure, the GPU is now previous-gen and you’d ideally want some more storage, but for $950, it’s great value. If you’re looking to get a PC for your kid to play Minecraft and Fortnite, this one will do the job just fine.

Save $120 on Fortnite Skull Trooper-V Gaming Chair

A gaming setup won’t be complete without a proper gaming chair. If you’ve been constantly hearing about Fortnite from your kid, then it will surely be happy to get this chair for his room. The black and white design is actually surprisingly clean for a gaming chair and it will fit most rooms without clashing with other colors. Best of all, it’s just $79 right now.

And if you want to know what to expect later in the month, Newegg has separated November in different parts, here’s what to look for…

Newegg Black Friday deals schedule

The Newegg Black Friday extravaganza begins on November 1 with a three-day Black November Kickoff Sale. The company says that these three days will include some of its “most aggressive deals of the month” in various product categories. That might save you a whole month of waiting for that one thing you’ve been meaning to get. And with the price guarantee, there’s no reason not to get it.

The next phase begins on November 4 and continues until November 8. That’s when the Black November Gaming Edition Sale will take place. The name is pretty self-explanatory, but if you need clarification, those days will include deals on gaming components, systems and storage. We know you’re waiting for those new Nvidia GPUs to come back in stock (or are you waiting for the AMD cards now instead?), so hopefully Newegg will have received some by then.

On November 9 begins the Black Friday Starts Early Sale. It will continue for two weeks and will feature early Black Friday and Cyber Monday savings. New deals will be released every day during the two weeks. We’ll make sure to update this article as often as possible in order to have all the best deals in one place.

The actual Black Friday and Cyber Monday event will take the whole last week of November, starting on November 23. That’s when you’ll see side-wide savings on products in all categories.

Newegg already announced some of the best deals that will become available on November 23 and you can see them in the picture below:

Some of these are way better than others. $320 for a Core i9 9900K is an awesome deal. The Gygabite monitor is also great for gaming with a 170Hz refresh rate and 0.5ms response time. Another product that can easily find its place into your gaming rig is the Samsung SSD. $99 for 1TB of SSD storage is a steal. Keep in mind that the stock for these lucrative deals might be low, so if you want to snag one or more of these items, you should be ready to pull the trigger early on November 23.

This year, we got next-generation consoles, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and Series S, new Nvidia GPUs, new AMD CPUs and GPUs, and, of course, a ton of new smartphones. No matter what you’re interested in, chances are there’s something cool you’ll be able to buy at a lower price next month. Keep checking this and or other dedicated Black Friday to make sure you won’t miss the best deals.


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