Next-gen Apple Watch will come in two new larger sizes


(Cybertech) – The Apple Watch Series 7 is just around the corner, and new details seem to confirm the notion that the next model will feature an ever-so-slightly larger case size, with each variation expected to see a 1mm increase. 

On the current Apple Watch Series 6, the two case sizes available are 40mm and 44mm, an uptick from the original two 38mm and 42mm sizes offered on the original Apple Watch through the Series 3. 

Now, according to new information posted on Weibo by a leaker dubbed UnclePan, Apple will offer the Series 7 in 41mm and 45mm sizes – something that’s in line with past reports we’ve heard regarding design changes to the new watches. 

Just last week, we covered a report on a couple of leaked Series 7 CAD renders, which showed the device with its all-new flat edge design and “fraction of a millimetre” larger display. However, the report from Weibo seems to clarify that, rather than just a “fraction”, the display will indeed grow a full millimetre. 

According to most sources, Apple is scheduled to announce the new Apple Watch Series 7 sometime in the month of September. Rather unusually, the company seems to have plans for two product launch events in the same 30-day time span.  

For an overview of all the information we have on the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7, click right here. 

Writing by Alex Allegro. Editing by Maggie Tillman. Originally published on .


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