Nokia 6310 latest addition to Originals family of retro phones


(Cybertech) – Nokia’s latest addition to its retro Original line is the Nokia 6310. Originally launched in 2001, 20 years later we have a modern reworking of this classic.

Yes, it doesn’t quite have the notoriety of the Nokia 3310 or 8110, but some might remember the curves of this phone from back in the day.

The reworking follows the typical approach we’ve seen from Nokia Original in the past, with a larger 2.8-inch screen than anyone would have through possible in 2001, that classic directional controller on a belt of buttons, sitting above the T9 keyboard.

It’s a dual SIM phone offering an FM radio and an MP3 player so you can load up a microSD card (up to 32GB) and carry your music with you, with a 3.5mm headphone socket on board.

To be honest, we doubt anyone is going to do that. Instead they are likely to interested in the Nokia 6310 as a low cost phone for calling and the occasional text message, perhaps as a backup phone, or – as Nokia has suggested in the past – as a detox phone, so you can abandon social media and all the stress of modern connected lifestyles, but know you can stay connected.

The Nokia 6310 is said to have a standby time of 21 days, so you can carry it on your next week long hike, knowing you can stay in touch, but won’t be constantly distracted by all the latest apps.

There’s a 0.3-megapixel camera on the back, if you want to take a low res photo, but for a phone that costs £49.99 or €40, what else would you expect?

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