Nothing Ear 1 is official: See-through ANC buds on a budget


(Cybertech) – After months of building up to it, Carl Pei’s new company Nothing has finally announced its first product officially. It’s a pair of true wireless earbuds, and it’s called the Nothing Ear 1. 

Of course, we knew that already before the announcement, but now we have all the details to add meat to the bones of what the company had teased in the run up to launch. 

As had been stated early on, what separates the Ear 1 from a lot of other affordable TWS earbuds currently on the market is design. 

There’s a heavy leaning on transparency in the material choices. The stem of each earbud is transparent so you can see through to the internal circuitry on the inside, while the outside features the external mics coverings for ANC and voice calls. 

The case is similarly transparent. You can see right through the lid to the earbuds when they’re charging, and it features dimples that help hold those buds in place, and lets see the physical magnet that holds the lid shut. 

Nothing also added a red dot in the charging cradle for the right side bud, to match the red dot on the exterior of the right bud itself. 

As for specs, the Ear 1 has pretty much anything you’d want from a modern pair of true wireless earbuds. There’s a large 11.6mm driver which Nothing says delivers “rich immersive sound”. 

There’s ANC too, which – along with the passive isolation from the soft silicone tips – will help reduce the amount of ambient noise you hear when listening to music. 

Battery life promises to be decent too, with over five hours of music playback outside of the case and 34 hours including the battery in the case. 

Plus, with fast charging can get you topped up again in no time and – when you run completely flat – you can use either USB-C to charge the case or use wireless charging. So, stick it on a charging pad or use the reverse wireless charging on your phone (if it has it) and it’ll refill wirelessly. 

Each bud has touch sensitive controls to control various functions like playing and pausing music, or enabling noise cancelling. The Ear 1 app will let you customise this, as well as help you find your buds if you’ve lost them. 

Nothing Ear 1 will be very affordable when available to buy with a retail price set at £99 in the UK, $99 in the US and €99 in Europe. 

Writing by Cam Bunton. Originally published on .


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