Official DJI Mavic Air 2 images leaked, along with almost unbel


(Cybertech) – A fresh new wave of information has come right at the last minute revealing the DJI Mavic Air 2 in all its glory, including an almost unbelievably low price point (considering the feature list and specs). 

Starting with the most important thing first: the price. Despite having a rumoured feature list, battery life and design that competes with the more professional Mavic 2 range, DJI is apparently planning to sell the Mavic Air 2 for just $799. 

Currently, in the US you can pick up the two-year-old Mavic Air for $599, but originally cost around $1,000, representing a pretty hefty discount dor a drone that’s seemingly superceding the original Mavic Air, and outperforms it comfortably.

Leaked documents submitted to Brazil’s ANATEL revealed earlier that the drone will feature a 4K-capable 48-megapixel camera mounted on a three axis gimbal. What’s more, it’ll fly for up to 34 minutes on a full battery. 


Those features alone bring this drone close to the higher-end models, and massively outperform the original Mavic Air. This may just end up being the best value for money DJI yet. 

The pricing information was leaked by DroneDJ, who found information on a DJI partner site which pushed the Mavic Air 2 product page early in error, and also published a swathe of official DJI promotional product and lifestyle images. 

Those images – as you can see – show a drone which has evolved considerably in style from the first Mavic to bring it more in line with the stylings on offer in the Mavic 2 and Mavic Mini ranges. It’s less bulbous, and a lot more angular in design. 


DJI is expected to announce the new drone on 27 April, at which point we’ll find out all the ins and outs officially. Let’s just hope the pricing rumour is true, because that’ll surely make this drone a must-buy. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.


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