OnePlus insane deals – OnePlus Buds for $1, OnePlus 7T for $349!


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You know it, you see it — this November is crazy with discounts. OnePlus itself is not only holding month-long offers, but also has this flash sale event called “OnePlus day” once every week. Every Wednesday, there’s a new hot but very limited offer, followed by a bunch of other lucrative deals on OnePlus devices, accessories, or even raffles. You know what’s up today? OnePlus Buds for $1!

Today, on the 18th of November, at 11:00 AM EST, OnePlus is running a flash sale on the excellent OnePlus Buds. You will be able to get them for just $1! Of course, the special price will be available for a limited amount of stock, so you’d better be quick and remember to hit that “refresh” button at 11 AM! Then, check back at 12, 1 PM, and 2 PM for extra chances to grab a pair.

Get a flagship phone at an extreme bargain

If you miss out on the Buds, don’t worry — OnePlus is also running another promotion that might tickle your fancy. A OnePlus 7T for just $350!
The OnePlus 7T may be a 2019 smartphone, but it is absolutely nothing to smirk at. It’s powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+, which is still a pretty fast chip, and it is still one of the fastest-charging phones on the market. Couple that with an outstanding 90 Hz OLED screen, a very good triple camera system on the back, and an operating system that just flies and you have a very, very good phone for an insanely good price.

The device you see on the link above is a T-Mobile unit, but it’s actually unlocked. This means, you can use it on any operator as long as they are a GSM-based network (like AT&T). Ergo, not for Verizon customers, or any of its CDMA carrier partners.


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