Oppo reveals rollable concept phone and AR smart glasses


(Cybertech) – Oppo’s Inno Day 2020 has brought to the surface some really interesting technology. And while it might not become available in a released product any time soon, it shows what the company is working on behind the scenes. 

The most eye-catching of the day’s announcements is undoubtedly the rollable phone concept called the Oppo X 2021. Rather than use a flexible display panel to make a folding phone like everyone else, Oppo uses its flexible display to hide a portion of the display inside the phone body. 


When needed, there’s a mechanism which allows the screen to unroll and stretch out into a small tablet-sized panel. This particular display goes from 6.7-inches to 7.4-inches, shifting from a long rectangle to a larger, more square design. 

The screen surface has been protected with a bespoke laminate to ensure it doesn’t scratch easily, and Oppo says the mechanism that allows for the ‘unrolling’ is also built to last. 

While it’s certainly different from the current crop of flexible display phones, Oppo isn’t the first company to imagine an unrolling screen in an expanding phone. In fact, TCL showed off its own very similar concept earlier in the year. 

Alongside the expanding phone is a new pair of AR Glass, Oppo’s smart glasses which use OLED displays to project information into your field of view, similar in theory to what Google’s failed Glass experiment was attempting to achieve, except in a more style-focused design. 


It also features a dual fisheye camera system for recognising your gestures and is joined by a ToF sensor and regular camera. 

They’re considerably lighter than the pair shown off at Inno Day 2019, and feature a revamped design. 

It’s unlikely the new glasses will come to market any time soon. Given the ‘2021’ naming, it’s probably wise not to expect it until next year at the earliest. That’s if you’re ever able to buy it. 

In regards to the phone, that may never come to market in that exact form, but Oppo could use that scrollable screen technology in a product that’s similar. After all, it’s a company that’s well-known for showing off various innovations way in advance of when they land on actual consumer products. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.


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