Panasonic GH5 M2 banks on wireless live-streaming feature


(Cybertech) – The internet made no secret that a Panasonic Lumix GH5 Mark II – or simply ‘GH5 M2’, as the product name goes (despite numerals being used on the camera’s body) – was on its way. So no surprises, here it is – with an all-new wireless live-streaming via Wi-Fi feature being its big sell.

The original GH5 launched back in 2017, so you might expect the GH5 M2 to bring a bevy of new features in the four years that’s since passed. Instead, it’s got a handful of new points of interest.

Compared to the original, the Mark II utilises the same battery as the full-frame Lumix S5 (the DMW-BLK22), meaning greater longevity – and charging via USB-C is also possible.

Both GH5 Mark 1 and Mark 2 bodies are the very same size though, so any accessories will be compatible with one and the other (save for the batteries, of course).

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The Mark II’s other improvements come in video capabilities, despite both models using the same sensor – except the newer camera adds an anti-reflective coating to the sensor’s surface. 

In addition to wireless live-streaming via Wi-Fi – so you can wire up the app to talk to your router and produce live capture to YouTube and other platforms – there’s also simultaneous recording via a monitor and internally, which the original GH5 couldn’t manage.

There’s no crop in recording in all modes, so 17:9 C4K, 16:9 4K, and 4:3 Anamorphic at 6K-A all utilise the sensor as is, to stay true to lenses’ focal lengths.

Elsewhere the GH5 Mark II’s screen resolution is boosted – up to 1.8m-dots across the 3-inch panel – while V-Log L is installed as standard, rather than being a separate software purchase.

So it’s not a giant leap forward for the series, but then it’s really designed to replace the original GH5 and usher in some new features. The next springboard is really the GH6 – which, as it happens, was also made official as a development announcement.

The Lumix GH5 M2 will go on sale this June, priced £1,499 body-only in the UK. 

Writing by Mike Lowe.

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