Peloton rower hints appear in code


(Cybertech) – Peloton’s quest to slowly colonise every part of the home fitness market seems set to continue, if the latest reports are accurate. It looks like rowing machines are going to be one of its next big projects, according to details from its latest app updates.

The changes to the Peloton app under the hood were spotted by 9to5Google, and have added a number of text lines that can only really be about how to use a rowing machine safely, including:

“This is the drive position of your stroke. Sit tall on the rower with your arms straight and your back upright. Your knees should be just above just above the ankles.”

That’s about as clear-cut as you can get, and there are also further hints that the app will offer scenic rides to guide you through workouts, much like Peloton’s bike does. That suggests the rower will have a display of its own, if Peloton’s other devices are any sort of guide.

We’ve still not had any sort of official confirmation that this is all true, though, so while it looks plenty likely, there could be plenty of time before anything gets announced, or indeed before anything actually hits the market.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published on .


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