Peloton Tread treadmill fix ready, but not Tread Plus yet


(Cybertech) – Peloton recalled its Tread Plus and Tread running machines earlier this year in May following some safety incidents, but the company is now ready to address these issues on the newer and cheaper Tread.

The US company has started offering owners of the Tread the option to get their treadmill fixed from this month. The fix requires a Peloton-trained technician coming to your home to install an independently verified repair that has been approved by the Consumer Product Safety Commission in the US.

The repair is said to “ensure the touchscreen console remains securely attached to the Tread at all times”. Owners of the Tread can schedule the free service visit and free repair by checking their email for scheduling details or by contacting Peloton support.

There are said to be just over a thousand units of the Peloton Tread affected, while the Tread Plus has 125,000 impacted units. There is currently no word on the Tread Plus and when a fix could be offered for the older and more expensive machine – which was involved in at least one death – though CEO of Peloton, John Foley told investors in a call that it “could take months” to return to market.

Foley also said Peloton needed to be “leader in safety in the industry” and claimed the repaired units would be “one of the safest if not the safest treadmills in the world.”

You can read more about Peloton and what the company offers in our separate feature.

Writing by Britta O’Boyle. Originally published on .


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