Altair Aerial Dagger Foldable GPS Drone with 4K UHD Camera for Adults, 5G Compatible, Brushless Motors, Optical Flow Stabilization System, Auto Return, Weighs Less Than 0.55 lbs (Lincoln, NE Company)




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Product Description

altair dagger, 4k drones, drones for adults, drones for teens, foldable dronealtair dagger, 4k drones, drones for adults, drones for teens, foldable drone

2020’s Budget Friendly Foldable 4K Drone

THE ALTAIR AERIAL DAGGER is Altair Aerial’s newest and most advanced drone yet! Not only does the Dagger offer a 4K Camera, but it also gives you 90-degree Tilt capabilities for more creative shots! You’ll be impressed with how powerful the Brushless Motors are on this incredibly Lightweight Drone (less than 250g).

Enjoy 15-Minutes of Flight Time per battery and a Battery Charger that allows you to charge two batteries at once. Take advantage of a flight range of up to 300 Meters as you continue to explore the unchartered skies.

This is our most advanced, most portable, and most fun drone in the expanding fleet of Altair Aerial Drones!

4k drone4k drone

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The Altair Dagger’s built-in 4K Camera will help make your aerial photography dreams come true! With the GPS System enabled and an incredible Optimal Flow Stabilization System, the Dagger seems to suspend itself mid-air for optimal image quality (no more blurry images!!)

Check out the incredible customization options that lie within the M RC PRO App. Set up your own Range Limits and Altitude Limits so you can get comfortable flying in your own backyard!

Professional Level Features

drone brushless motors

drone brushless motors

RTH drone, return home functions

RTH drone, return home functions

gps drone

gps drone

drone stabilization

drone stabilization

The Dagger Drone features four incredibly powerful Brushless Motors, which gives pilots access to incredible raw power.

Brushless Motors are more efficient and require less battery power to operate, and won’t wear out as fast as their brushed counterparts.

The Altair Dagger is built to last!

The Dagger features three different Smart Return to Home Functions:

One-Touch Return
Out of Range Return
Low-Power Return

Whether your drone loses connection with the transmitter or runs low on power, the Dagger Drone is designed to return safely to its origin point.

This gives experienced and beginner pilots peace of mind while exploring the skies!

The Dagger Drone comes equipped with GPS Functionality that does more than just suspend your drone in mid-air (it does that too).

Get the most out of your Dagger Drone when you download the M RC PRO App and connect it to your drone. Unlock Orbit Mode, Follow Me Mode, Waypoints, and more inside the app.

Altair’s Optical Flow Stabilization System is designed to position the Dagger accurately to ensure safer flights.

Each Dagger Drone includes an Optical Flow Lens mounted under the drone that serves as a back-up system for a weak GPS signal.

altair aerial dronesaltair aerial drones

Altair Promise

The Altair brand is committed to developing high-quality products we believe in. We care about the details and constantly design innovative products for drone pilots of all ages and skills.

As fellow drone pilots, we want our customers to love our drones as much as we do.

β˜‘οΈ π‚πŽπŒππ€π‚π“ ππŽπ–π„π‘: The Altair Aerial Dagger is compact and ready to go with you on any adventure! With these brushless motors, you can reach up to 32 km/h speeds and travel 300 meters at maximum range.
β˜‘οΈ π‹πˆπ†π‡π“π–π„πˆπ†π‡π“: Weighing in at under 250g, the Altair Aerial Dagger is one of the best drones available that you can fly without registering with the FAA! This drone weighs about the same as an average smartphone!!
β˜‘οΈ π’π“π”πππˆππ† πˆπŒπ€π†π„π’: With an onboard 4K UHD camera, you’ll impress your friends and family with crystal clear images from high above. The 120Β° wide-angle lens can be manually tilted 90Β° for even more creativity!
β˜‘οΈ 𝐀𝐃𝐕𝐀𝐍𝐂𝐄𝐃 𝐅𝐄𝐀𝐓𝐔𝐑𝐄𝐒: The Optical Flow Stabilization System uses a lens mounted under the drone to ensure safer flights each time out. The Fail Safe Return Home function brings your Dagger drone home safely if you ever lose connection with the transmitter
β˜‘οΈ π€π‹π“π€πˆπ‘ ππ‘πŽπŒπˆπ’π„: We believe in taking care of our customers with high-quality support and customer service. We provide detailed instructions and instructional videos as well as fast and friendly responses to your questions.



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